The digital age has given us lots of great benefits, however sometimes, the ‘always online’ way of living can become stressful. If you are feeling like your phone, tablet and computer are starting to cause you stress with every notification you receive, then a digital detox holiday could be just what you need. Whether you go somewhere far away with no Wi-Fi, or you simply leave your devices at home on your next trip, here are some of the benefits you can get:

Experience More on Your Holiday

digital_detoxIf you are free from distractions, you will definitely experience more of the new things that are around you, whether it is beautiful scenery, historical sites, or new activities. Travel is much more enriching when you give your holiday your full attention.




You Can Truly Relax

yoga_retreatWhether you are sitting at a pavement café, lying on the beach, or even just resting somewhere quiet with a good book, relaxing is far easier when you don’t have to worry about replying to messages or emails or checking in on social media. You can know that nothing will disturb you while you do whatever you find most relaxing or refreshing.

It Makes Coming Back More Exciting

If you have been off of social media and not checking the online news constantly on your trip, when you come back it will be exciting to find out what has been going on while you have been away, and what all your friends have been up to. This can really help beat the post-holiday blues.



You May Make More New Friends

If you aren’t chatting to your friends at home on messaging apps, you will be more likely to talk to people at your destination. You might make friends with other fellow travellers, or talk to locals and learn more about the culture of your holiday destination, getting a richer experience from your travel time.


You’ll Get a Proper Break from Work

You work hard to reward yourself and your travel time is precious. Many of us find it difficult to really take time away from work, and end up checking work related emails and communications even while on holiday. A proper break will refresh you and make you more productive on your return, so never feel guilty about letting your co-workers know you will be offline while you are out of the office.


You’ll Catch Up on Rest

secluded_beachIf you tend to spend that time before you fall asleep aimlessly scrolling through social media pages or watching YouTube videos, getting used to a less digital bedtime routine for a week or two may well help you sleep better, and develop better habits.




You’ll Take Better Photographs

photography_holidaysIf you love taking pictures to remember your travels by and share online, you will find you take more thoughtful shots when you aren’t planning to instantly post them online. Instead of wacky selfies and pictures of your food, you can focus on taking pictures for yourself to look back on, rather than to share. Of course, you can always make an album online when you return!


Everyone has their own reasons to enjoy some time away from the internet, so if you want to get these benefits and more, consider detoxing from your devices on your next holiday.

We offer digital detox holidays through our Seclu style of holidays. From isolated beach breaks, vast open wilderness, yoga retreats to digital disconnection our experts can find you your perfect peace of the planet.


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