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Christmas in Exotic Climes

Christmas is one of the highlights of the year in Western countries, and is as much a social holiday as a religious one. While we all have our favourite Christmas traditions, if you are a keen traveller it can be really nice to spend at least one Christmas having a completely different experience to the […]

7 Benefits of a Digital Detox Holiday

The digital age has given us lots of great benefits, however sometimes, the ‘always online’ way of living can become stressful. If you are feeling like your phone, tablet and computer are starting to cause you stress with every notification you receive, then a digital detox holiday could be just what you need. Whether you […]


The 5 Fundamental Tastes in Vietnamese Food

One of the most satisfying experiences about a holiday to Vietnam has to be eating the amazing food. From high end restaurants to the ubiquitous street food stalls Vietnamese food is justifiably up there with best in the world. As well as being sumptuously tasty Vietnamese cuisine is also incredibly interesting, and this is mainly because […]

Our Top 5 Museums

International Museum Day The 18th of May is international Museum Day and we wanted to celebrate by putting together a list of our 5 favourite museums across the world. You may feel there are a few surprises but the list is made from our personal favourites rather than what is commonly thought of as the […]

The Great Wall Of China – where to go and where to avoid

There are some impressive facts about the Great Wall of China – it dates back more than 2300 years, has been visited by over 300 heads of state, it spans fifteen regions across China but it cannot be seen from space. However probably the second most amazing fact about the great wall of China is the […]


Vietnam E Visa

Great news for travellers that want to eat authentic Pho, explore Saigon by cyclo and watch the sunset on Halong Bay. Experiencing these and hundreds of other experiences unique to Vietnam has just got a whole lot easier. 

5 Genuine Experiences in Vietnam

Travelling to Vietnam is incredibly rewarding in so many ways. A warm welcome awaits from your Vietnamese hosts keen to share their scenery, culture, history, food and stories unique to this corner of South East Asia. For the traveller looking for a real insight into this fascinating country we suggest stepping off the tour bus […]


The Yummiest Mild Asian Food Dishes

Contrary to popular belief, not all Asian cuisine is intensely spicy. Of course, there are many spicy dishes that originate from Asia but there are also many mild foods that won’t make your mouth burn with heat. Whether you are travelling with kids who are picky eaters or you are sensitive to spice, there will […]

India Public Holidays

With a population of 1.2 billion people across 35 states and territories that set dates for almost 200 public holidays regionally and rarely on the same day as the rest of the country, it is always worthwhile knowing if you are visiting India during a public holiday.