Great Wall of China

There are some impressive facts about the Great Wall of China – it dates back more than 2300 years, has been visited by over 300 heads of state, it spans fifteen regions across China but it cannot be seen from space. However probably the second most amazing fact about the great wall of China is the length. Combine the sections and it stretches for over 5500 miles in length, to put that into a “wow” perspective that is the same distance between London and Las Vegas.

Pretty incredible hey? but “what is the most impressive fact?” we hear you ask.

The number one fact that never fails to blow our minds here at Portfolio Travel is that almost all visitors to the Great Wall of China head to one section – Badaling. The closest section to Beijing that is open to tourists receives almost 11,000,000 visitors annually and on the busiest days around 70,000 walk the 2.3 mile renovated section.

Just think about that for a moment…

11 million tourists come from near and far to wait in line to visit one small section of a wall that has a total length of over 5500 miles? And to top off that authentic China experience they can also enjoy KFC and roller coaster ride!

That is not the authenticity we search for on our tours so clients that book onto one of our China holidays head to a lesser visited part for the Great Wall.

As we can tailor your China holiday to your needs we can include any accessible part of the wall you wish to visit but our first recommendSimitai-to-Badalingation would be to walk the section of the Great Wall between Jinshanling and Simitai. This section passes through incredibly scenic countryside, the architecture is Ming dynasty and the wall itself is original unlike the renovated section at Badaling that dates back a mere 60 years. Our China expert who has hiked this section no fewer than 10 times firmly believes it is the world’s best day hike. The Jinshanling to Simitai hike takes around 5 hours to complete at a steady pace and although it is undulating and the surface uneven it is suitable for anyone with an average level of fitness and a good pair of walking shoes.


Great Wall MutianyuOther sections we recommend are the well preserved but lesser visited section at Mutianyu with it’s beautiful watch towers and stunning mountain scenery and the walls westernmost point at Jiayuguan pass that acted as a way point on the Silk Road.

The Great Wall is just one of many fantastic travel experiences to be found in China that we have personally experienced numerous times. Contact us for more information and we will be happy to guide you.

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