India Public Holidays

With a population of 1.2 billion people across 35 states and territories that set dates for almost 200 public holidays regionally and rarely on the same day as the rest of the country, it is always worthwhile knowing if you are visiting India during a public holiday.

Mostly these dates are a cause for celebration and you will be welcome to join in with the festivities which adds to your experience but occasionally closed sites or limited services can lead to frustration. Know before you go!

There are only three national holidays public holidays in India per year which are observed by all states and territories…
January 26th – Republic Day
August 15th – Independence Day
October 2nd – Gandhi Jayanti – Mahatma Gandhi’s Birthday

Taj Mahal IndiaMost of the major sites such as Taj Mahal are open on these national holidays but some sites are closed and services can be limited so it’s always worth checking with your travel agent for advice.

Other public holidays in India are observed on a regional basis and make up almost 200 public holidays in India throughout the year. Too many to list here but below are some of the major public holidays and festivals in the most popular areas visited by travellers that may affect your India holiday. Speak with us to find out how to maximise your holiday if you thinking of travelling to  India over these dates.

2017 India Public Holidays, Festivals and Notable Dates
January 1st – New Years Day – Most of India
February 19th – Chatrapati Shivaji’s Jayanti – Mumbai
March 13th – Holi – All states except Southern India
March 15th – Kanshi Ram’s Jayanti – Delhi, Varanasi
March 29th – Cheti Chand (Sindhi New Year) – Mumbai, Delhi, Rajasthan
March 30th – Rajasthan Day – Rajasthan
April 1st – Bank Holiday – Banks Only
April 13th – Vaisakhi (Sikh New Year) – Punjab, Delhi, Rajasthan
April 14th – Tamil and Malayalam New Year – Southern India excl Goa
April 14th – Good Friday – All states and territories
April 16th – Easter Sunday – All states and territories
May 1st – Labour Day – Rajasthan, Southern India including Goa
June 26th – Eid ul Fitr – All states and territories
August 15th – Parsi New Year – Mumbai
October 19th – Diwali – All states and territories
November 4th to 14th – Pushkar Camel Festival – Puskar
December 3rd – Feast of St. Francis Xavier – Goa
December 25th – Christmas Day – All states and territories

Our India holidays are handcrafted by experts who have extensively travelled and lived in India. They are at your service to help you find the best travel experience that delivers lasting memories.

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