We Love Cultural Holidays

Delve deep into the heart and soul of your destination with a holiday that unlocks the unique elements of its culture. Learning about the history, language, art, food and people of a country can be one of your journey’s most rewarding aspects.


It is the history of a nation that shapes its current culture. Learn about a country by hearing the stories of its past: from glorious ancient empires to epic battles to periods of feast and famine to great artistic movements.  Whenever you visit a historic ruin, heritage building or other significant site you get a chance to glimpse into the past and gain a deeper understanding of that destination.


People make a trip memorable: the cafe owner in Cuba with the radiant smile, the family in India who invited you over for home-cooked curry, the little kids playing on the beach in Thailand. When you travel you meet people who will greet you with big smiles, entertain you with amazing stories and stick in your memory for a long time.


To understand a culture, first understand it’s cuisine. Food is such an intrinsic part of life and the culinary traditions of a culture can tell you so much about the people. Our journeys will give you the chance to taste something new: whether it’s a steaming bowl of Pho noodle soup from a street cart in Hanoi, a sizzling alpaca steak in a small mountain village in Peru or a freshly caught sea bass on the beach in Costa Rica.


One thing all humans have in common is we love to celebrate. Jump in and get involved in the festivities! Get doused with water at the Songkran Festival in Thailand, cover yourself in coloured powder at Holi Festival in India and light paper lanterns at Vietnamese New Year. Visiting a destination during a festival is an opportunity to experience the traditional music, food and performances and to join in the party!

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