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Are you ready to venture beyond the ordinary and be a true explorer? We offer trips to some truly off the beaten track destinations that will bewilder and fascinate you.

North Korea

See what life is like in the world’s most secretive country. North Korea is a strange and intriguing world that not many travellers get to experience. The locals are cut off from the internet and much of modern culture, living in a state that controls many aspects of their daily life. On your eye-opening visit you’ll be accompanied by state-employed guides and hear a one-sided story of what’s going on, but it’s not hard to read between the lines and see the unsettling reality.


Iran probably isn’t on your travel radar, but it should be. Travel experiences can be the most rewarding when they surprise you and subvert your expectations. Spend the night under the stars of the desert sky, sleep in an old hotel made of clay, hike through rugged mountain ranges, chat for hours in an atmospheric teahouse and admire the glittering tiles and towering minarets. Be prepared to see an entirely different side of this fascinating sophisticated ancient culture.


Explore the ancient ruins of this desert jewel. Although recent Algerian history has been marred by civil wars, Algeria is gradually restored order and welcoming tourists. The largest country in Africa, it offers much to explore including the charismatic capital of Algiers, the well-preserved Roman ruins, the windswept coastlines and the dream-like desert landscapes. Then, of course, there are the Algerian people who will welcome you with curiosity and warmth.

Central Asia

Rugged, vast and scattered with yurts, mountain ranges and ancient Silk Road cities. The wilds of sparsely populated Kazakhstan, the desert moonscapes of Turkmenistan, the old citadels of Uzbekistan. The idea of travelling Central Asia will stir up wanderlust in any intrepid adventurer. You can go on an epic hike, drink tea with a friendly shepherd, eat a home cooked meal in a small village and sleep in a mountain yurt.

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